All Things Day of Defeat

In light of InSane shutting down later this year, I decided it was time to make a page where I can keep all of my Day of Defeat files.

So stay tuned for maps, sturmbot/shrikebot waypoints and maybe even a few little extras here and there!

10 thoughts on “All Things Day of Defeat

  1. Keep them coming, please! I have an extensive collection of DOD files. I am also interested in sound files and skins (uniforms). I have been playing this game for 18 years. Before Steam. We played on Game Spy. So I thank you for everything you do. Can I test waypoints and report back? I don’t know how to waypoint, but love testing them.


  2. LIFE IS BUSY AND CAN BE CRAZY. Looking forward to some news from the Master in the UK!!


    1. Seems you’ve found a blind spot for me. I don’t currently have waypoints for those 2 maps, but I’ll get on it 🙂
      Haven’t made any new maps in quite a while, been busy on another project. Maybe I’ll try come up with something just for you xD


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