Sturmbot Commands

Client Side
Add -console to your Sturmbot shortcut.

Server Side
sturmbot “command value”

Automatic Commands
If you want commands to automatically apply when you launch a game or server add the commands to the bot.cfg file.

sturmbot_password [password] 
Input to access commands, only needed if a password has been set.
select_password [password]
Set a password for the bot commands.

Add Bot controls.
Sturmbot controls.

Shows all sturmbot commands.

Display bot information.

Kills bots, useful if the bots get stuck during waypointing.

formsquad [on/off]
Bots will try to move in squads, I prefer to have this off.

rank [on/off]
Display rank in bot name.

throw_grenade [0-10000]
How often the bots will throw grenades. I prefer a setting of 7000.

addbot [team 1-2] [class 1-7] [skill 1-8] [name]

[class]Allies (1)Axis (2)Brit (1)
2Master SergeantStosstruppeSergeant Major
4Staff SergeantSturmtruppeGunner
6Support InfantryMG34 
7Machine GunnerMG42 

observer [on/off]
Bots will ignore human players.
botdontshoot [on/off]
Bots will stop shooting.

min_reaction [number]
Minimum reaction time in milliseconds, default is 70.
max_reaction [number]
Maximum reaction time in milliseconds, default is 120.

random_skill [0-100]
Defines the chance a bot will be high skill. I prefer a value of 95.
botteambalance [on/off]
Bots will try to keep teams balanced.
min_bots [number 1-31]
Minimum number of bots in the game.
max_bots [number 1-31]
Maximum number of bots in the game.
fillserver [number 1-31] [team 1-2] [skill 1-8]
Will fill the server with bots to the given number, or if no values given, will fill the server to the max amount.

kickteam [team 1-2]
Removes all bots from the specified team.

maxteamkills [number]
Amount of team kills before the bots will turn on you. 0 Means the bots don’t care.

botusemapmarkers [on/off]
Bots will place map markers. I prefer this off.
botchat [off/limited/full] 
Controls how much the bots talk. I prefer this off.

learn_priority [0-1000]
Defines how important learning is.