5 thoughts on “dod_achen_b1

  1. this map and Abend only work on local and will not load in the KTB server. . Have you stopped making maps for other servers to enjoy ? A lot of the maps you are putting out are very good and credit is always given in the /map.txt file I add. . Thanks for all you are doing for the game ! ! -KTB-Cracky . .


    1. Hey!
      Sorry about the issues with the maps, I’m not sure what the problem would be. Both maps are running on my server correctly.
      I’ve not made a new map in quite a while now. Life has gotten in the way a little bit. I’m sure I will get back around to it eventually.
      I have a lot of maps on my server that I haven’t had time to post on the website yet, I will try to post some more soon!

      I had a look at the maps you mentioned, I think the problem might be that I forgot to include .res files for them. I’ll update the downloads now.


    1. Weird, without seeing the issue for myself I’m not sure what to suggest. As I say the maps run on my server correctly, so I don’t know the problem would be.


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